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East Coast Housing Demand Flips

East Coast Housing Demand Flips

While living through 2020 and 2021 of the covid-19 pandemic, we saw an increase in the housing markets in regional Australia. Social distance, lockdowns, and work from home options all contributed to people’s decisions to flee their cities and take up residence in regional Australia.

This was in part because of the fact that you could get more for what you pay for in regional Australia, compared to what you would get if you stayed in the cities. And the luxury of having a multi bedroom house with a backyard was a lot more appealing than being cooped up in an apartment in a city during a lockdown. Really it is no surprise so many Australians who had the means to move regionally did so.

The Trend Is Changing

Recently this trend has been changing. With most of the old covid-19 restrictions a thing of the past, more and more Australians are returning back to the office, and cities are once again offering all of the spectacles they did in the past. The hospitality and entertainment industries are especially picking back up again.

All of these are contributing factors as to why we are seeing a flip in the demand. Now Australian capital cities – in particular those along the east coast – are becoming an increasingly popular choice for home buyers.

One of the ways to best understand this growing trend is to see each city as having three ‘rings’ surrounding it. The three rings are inner, middle, and outer. The rings reflect on the inner, middle, and outer suburbs of a city, respectively.

Recent research that was conducted by PEXA and Urbis reveals insightful information about this trend flip. The research says that “for those seeking homes to purchase, the outer rings of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are the ‘go to’ markets, offering higher turnover at lower price points.”

Evidence from the research also sheds light on how this is affecting the rental market as well. The research says, “for those seeking rental accommodation, the inner rings have been doing more of the heavy lifting, although there has been a notable shift to more rented property in middle rings over time,” and that “The volume of rental listings overall is trending down across all three cities.”

Head of research at PEXA Mike Gill says they noticed that the “new housing supply was not evenly distributed across regions in our major cities.”

“Looking deeper into the middle suburb segment, new housing has been relatively supply-constrained, with demand trending to outstrip supply over an extended period. This trend of the ‘missing middle’ is likely to continue, unless new housing supply is unlocked in order to meet demand from suburban buyers and renters,” he said.

As we head into a buyers market we are interested to see if inflation and interest rates will have any impact on this current trend.


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