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Our Approach

We have taken a unique approach that includes lifetime support and local expertise.

There’s nobody more passionate than Nikki Berzin and her team from Cherry Lending & Finance, who is set on not just helping her clients get a mortgage, but also in inspiring and empowering them to reach their goals.

When Nikki started her career as a mortgage broker, the number of women in the industry was shockingly low at around 10%. Nikki knew this job wasn’t gender-specific and felt motivated to change the narrative by focusing on delivering exceptional service to her clients.

Nikki is more than just a woman in business. With a passion for finance, her vision is to educate and empower people from all walks of life to achieve their goals. Nikki believes that with the right mindset and tools, anything is possible, regardless of one’s background or circumstances. With her wonderful team at Cherry Lending & Finance, she’ll help you find financial security.

With a love for all things finance, Nikki’s vision is to educate and empower people to achieve their goals.

Nikki has called the Mornington Peninsula her home for over 20 years. Together with her husband, they also have several investment properties, giving them first-hand knowledge to share when it comes to investing and property development.

Nikki is a fully qualified Mortgage Broker with a background in banking and finance, business development and project management. She worked previously as a bank manager, so she has in-depth understanding of the process as well as access to over 30 lenders.

With many awards under her belt, including being named MPA Elite Woman for 2023, Nikki is here to help you achieve your financial dreams.

From when she started her very first job at 14, she has lived by a budget and always taught herself as much as she could about money and finance.

Nikki has always shared her budgeting and savings plans with her friends over the years, so it comes as no surprise that she now does this on a larger scale to help people purchase a home or grow their business.

She has always believed anything is possible if you put your mind to it and have the right tools. If someone tells her it can’t be done, she’s known for doing everything in her power to prove that person wrong and find a way to make it possible. This included becoming a fire-fighter in a former life!

Cherry Lending & Finance works closely with people from all walks of life, whether they’re looking to buy their first property, looking for an investment property, or struggling to find a home loan while self-employed.

“…anything is possible if you put your mind to it and have the right tools”

Nikki Berzin

Company Director


Asked Questions

Some answers to your mortgage questions.

How much does the service cost?

Little to no cost to you as we are paid by the bank once we secure your loan.

When should I start talking to you?

As early as possible! Many people don’t start looking for a mortgage broker until they have found their dream house. Unfortunately they have often overlooked some important steps in the planning or are not ready to secure the loan they need.

Why choose a mortgage broker versus going direct to a bank or lender?

Once someone has experienced my service, and they realise the work and expertise involved, they’ll tell you you’re crazy to do it by yourself! I have access to 30 lenders and know the ins and outs of what each one can offer. I’ll match your specific needs to the best one. If you were doing this yourself, you’d be spending a lot of time and not necessarily getting the best deal for you. And it’s not just the actual loan, it’s about getting guidance on the entire process, of planning and working out the best approach.

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Our Core Values


I’m passionate about every client’s goal and journey.

Seek the truth, always

If there’s something I don’t know, I’ll tell you. I’ll seek out the truth and ensure you get the correct information.

Go above and beyond

Provide the best level of customer service and go above and beyond.

Walk the Talk

I do as I say I’m going to do, talk the talk & walk the walk. I’m always learning so that I can provide the best and most current advice to you.