Home Loan Refinancing

Home Loan Refinancing

Are you wondering if you’re paying too much interest or how you can make the most of your home’s equity? I’m an expert in navigating your finance options to help you achieve your life goals.

Whether it’s to pay off your mortgage sooner, buying an investment property or making your equity work for your retirement I can help you to revisit your mortgage and offer advice and alternatives for you.

Complimentary Annual Mortgage Review

This is just one way I show my commitment to you over the long term. Every year I review all my client’s home loans to check whether they are getting the best available rates. I’ll advise if there’s a better option, and make it happen for you.

Services include

Home Loan Refinancing

Home Loan Restructuring

Reverse Mortgages

Equity Release Loans

Motor vehicle & asset finance

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What our clients say…

Recently in need of a large sum of money for a new car and renovations I entrusted Nikki from Cherry Lending + Finance to secure me a loan. My age and lack of full time work was alway going to be challenging. I can honestly say that Nikki’s impeccable eye for detail and vast and credible knowledge of lending criteria and conditions and who best to service the loan resulted in me obtaining the money and happily being on the way to fulfilling my latest dreams. If anyone is in need of a loan for any purpose I commend Nikki from Cherry Lending + Finance so that you too can fulfill your current needs or dreams. Thank you Nikki.


Re-financing for renovations and car loan

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