Welcome 9 Awards 9 Thought Leader of the Year Finalist 2024

Thought Leader of the Year Finalist 2024


Highlight your leadership role in the industry and how you have attained that position

Many women in this industry often perceive entry into the property market or the mortgage broking field as a daunting challenge or even an impossibility. My objective is to equip them with the necessary tools and guidance so that their dream can become a reality. My aspiration has never been to function solely as a transactional broker within this industry. Instead, I set out to instigate transformation by emphasising customer service, education, and inspiration. I’ve assumed leadership roles in specialised niches, specifically targeting people with financial uncertainties. My aim isn’t to dictate how things should be done; rather, I’m dedicated to illustrating the precise steps for accomplishing their goals.

I have set about changing the stereotypical approach to the finance industry with a softer approach to Cherry Lending & Finance, infusing a playful essence into my company’s name and logo. When I entered this career, I was aware of its heavily male-dominated nature. At that time, only 10% of mortgage brokers were female. Although there has been progress, with the percentage rising to around 25%, it is still far from ideal. With my company, Cherry Lending & Finance, I aimed to everyone that women can thrive in this business just as much as men can.

Through my other business, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, I influence and inspire women to excel in their business through networking opportunities. It is through thought leadership that I continue to expand, grow, and improve my business.

Outline why you have taken on this role as industry thought leader.

Along with my business strategies at Cherry Lending & Finance, I consistently allocate time to inspire individuals, particularly women. Through my other venture, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, I’m spearheading greater female involvement in the mortgage industry. This methodical approach to entrepreneurship has unlocked numerous opportunities and played a pivotal role in my accomplishments.

I want to see a change in the mortgage broking industry!

I have always had a clear objective to be different to your typical bank, and another priority was to deliver exceptional customer service. Instead of focusing on clients that were able to borrow and were ready to do so, I also ensured that nobody was left behind, and that those who instead needed guidance and education were taken care of as well. While some people might not be ready right now to get into the property market, I take time to educate them to achieve these goals soon.

For me, the only way to see change is to be the change. Through empowerment, education, and great customer service, my goal is to change the way people see the industry. A shift is starting to happen with every strong woman that comes on board.

Detail the biggest issues currently facing the development of the broking industry and your plans to alleviate/capitalise on these.

There is a pressing concern within the broking industry regarding the underrepresentation of women in leadership positions, and this is something I have always wanted to change. Given the industry’s current male-dominated landscape, I am actively engaged in efforts to increase female participation.

To address this issue, my strategy involves consistently providing encouragement and support, and serving as a role model for aspiring women professionals. I am dedicated to fostering inclusivity through my involvement in both Cherry Lending & Finance and Girls Just Want To Have Fun where I strive to educate and empower as many women as possible. Through these ventures, my ultimate goal is to enable women to attain financial freedom and find personal motivation.

Furthermore, I have capitalised on this opportunity by attracting more clients through my distinctive approach. By incorporating a nurturing perspective into my business practices, I deliver exceptional customer support, and kindness, and inject an element of fun into an industry that is often perceived as monotonous and uninspiring. By giving so much of my time and effort to help others I, in turn, receive more business opportunities through them. I have always believed in a full circle business strategy as what you put out always comes back.

Provide case studies or examples that showcase your thought leadership and how you translate words into action

Diverging from the commonplace emphasis on relentless hustle within the industry, my focus pivots toward education, a principle anchored in my firm belief that knowledge holds transformative power. To that end, I’ve crafted two comprehensive guides tailored to assist individuals facing unique circumstances. The first, a First Home Buyers Guide, stands as a resource for clients venturing into the complexities of their initial home purchase. The second, an Emergency Service Worker Buying Guide, is designed to offer support and insights for those dedicated to emergency services, aiding them in navigating the intricacies of securing financing. I offer these resources and accompanying fact sheets free of charge, as part of my commitment to providing informative and educational content.

Moreover, my commitment to empowering women is evident through my involvement with my other company, Girls Just Want To Have Fun. This platform is not merely a business venture but a testament to my dedication to fostering female confidence and inspiring them to pursue their goals in life. By providing a supportive environment and offering resources and guidance, I empower women to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential. I want them to know that they, too, can become a mortgage broker, and that this job isn’t only for men.

I have now also come into a partnership with Emergency Services Property Advisers (ESPA), who provide free property advocacy services to Victorian emergency service workers & their families, and I’m excited to see where this opportunity and collaboration takes me.

What does winning the award mean to you? (25 words or less)

Winning the award shows me that we are ready to change the perception of mortgage brokers and bring more females into the industry.