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How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster


Surprisingly, learning how to pay off your mortgage faster could be simpler than many homeowners would initially think – so where do you start?

While purchasing a property could be the most significant investment you can expect to make in your life, the home loan that comes with it could be the biggest debt one can also expect to take on too. 

Whether you’ve recently had a mortgage approved or you’re already busy chipping away at your repayments, the good news is that there are a wide variety of tools to deploy that may shorten the life of your loan.

Five Tips On How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

While many of us are busy chasing the ‘Great Australian Dream’ of home ownership, we’re often too busy to pay attention to the amount of interest that we’re actually paying on top of the loan amount.  Here is an example of exactly why you shouldn’t ignore your interest rates.  If you borrowed $500,000 today for a home loan at 3% interest over 30 years, this actually adds up to just over $762,000 over the three decade loan tenor – if that doesn’t motivate you into trying to pay off a home loan faster, we’re not sure what else will.

However, learning how to pay off your mortgage faster involves much more than monitoring interest rates. From your lifestyle choices to the way the loan is actually set up from the very beginning, there are many options for homeowners to speed up the loan repayment process.

Get An Offset Account – In simple terms, the basic function of an offset account is to use up to 100% of the balance of a linked transaction account to ‘offset’ – or effectively reduce – the portion of your home loan that is accruing interest. It’s like having a savings account linked to your mortgage, which in turn could significantly lower the amount of interest you pay and is one of the most helpful methods when it comes to knowing how to pay off your mortgage faster.

Stop Paying Monthly – If you are paying your mortgage monthly, take your salary payment frequency into consideration to match your mortgage repayment cycle. By paying half of the monthly amount every two weeks, you’ll make the equivalent of an extra month’s repayment each year – it all adds up. It’s also uncommon for Australians to be paid monthly, which may add an extra layer of pressure when it comes to repayments. Try to swap to a regular payment timeframe that matches your pay day.

Make Extra Repayments – While this may seem like a no brainer, it requires a conscious decision (and effort) to prioritise your outgoing bills. Even by rounding up your repayment to the nearest $50 could be far more efficient way of saving monies in the long term. It’s also a good idea to get in the habit of making lump sum payments whenever you can, such as utilising your tax return, any surprise bonuses, and even inheritance funds.

Stick To A Budget – No doubt you saved religiously when saving to buy a house, but did that all go out the window once you actually got the loan? It might be time to revise your outgoings and current expenses to see if there’s even an extra $50 a week that could go towards your mortgage instead.  Make the most of the current record low interest rates, and throw as much as you can towards the principal amount linked to your home loan.

Get A Loan Check Up – At least once a year, put aside time to meet with your bank manager or mortgage broker for a loan check up. Your financial position may not be the same as it was twelve months ago, and your loan should be regularly revised to ensure it’s the best fit for you. It’s also a great opportunity to ensure that your finger is on the pulse when it comes to loan terms and interest rates, as there may be better loan products available to you.

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