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Financial Services We Can Help With

Financial Services We Can Help With

While Cherry Lending & Finance are well known as a reputable mortgage broker, did you know that we also offer a wide range of other financial services as well?

In simple terms, a finance broker essentially acts as a go-between – someone who deals with lending providers and banks on your behalf, in order to arrange finance or a loan. Ideally, the loan options they present to you offer the most favourable terms or are a suitable fit for your individual circumstances.

While the role of a finance broker is usually associated with home loans, there are actually many other financial services and loan products on offer in Australia, providing that you partner with a broker who offers these “extras”. 

What We Do At Cherry Lending & Finance 

A good finance broker should be able to fully comprehend your end goal, calculate what you can afford to borrow, present loan options that best suit your situation, carefully explain the terms and conditions of each possible loan, and make recommendations for you accordingly. When you’ve made your choice, they also help you to actually apply for a loan and manage the process right through to the final settlement.

As a finance industry professional, Nikki Berzin of Cherry Lending & Finance prides herself on achieving real results, whilst still putting the needs of her customers front and centre. Although Nikki operates within a tight-knit team of two, this also means that each and every one of her clients can expect consistency when it comes to industry knowledge, communication and ultimately customer service. 

Nikki has long believed that the success of Cherry Lending & Finance all boils down to being able to provide a world class customer experience, no matter the size or type of loan a customer is after. Clients receive the same level of service that Nikki herself would expect from a broker – being able to think outside the square, and provide solutions that may not have been accessible via a bank. 

Although Cherry Lending & Finance specialise in providing mortgage solutions to first home buyers and the emergency services community, the very core of what Cherry Lending & Finance is all about is happy customers – and that means being able to provide help with a wide range of financial services and loan products. In fact, just a handful of the additional services on offer include the following. 

Car Loans – The key benefit of using a car loan broker is usually sourcing favourable interest rates and loan packages that best fits your circumstances. Even a savings of 2-3% of a car loan over a five year loan period can reduce your payments significantly, let alone if you are able to package your new car loan with your existing mortgage or home loan product.

Personal Loans – Unlike a credit card, a personal loan delivers a one-time payment of cash to borrowers, and is commonly used for things like home renovations or a holiday. As they are often unsecured, personal loans can command some pretty high interest rates, so partnering with a reputable broker is a good idea to source a loan product that best fits your circumstances. 

Finding Help To Navigate The World Of Loans 

With a background in banking, finance, business development and project management, there’s no better advocate to have on your team than Nikki Berzin. As a fully qualified mortgage broker and director of Cherry Lending & Finance, Nikki is passionate about all things finance, and empowering her clients with the tools to hit their property and automotive goals is what she does best.

If you’re looking to get into your first home, purchase a new car or even want to look at your options for refinancing, the first step is starting the conversation. Get in touch with Nikki today, or call her directly on 0427 374 155 to bring your finance dreams to life.

Disclaimer: Your full financial needs and requirements need to be assessed prior to any offer or acceptance of a loan product.  Subject to lenders terms and conditions, fees and charges and eligibility apply.

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