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Are You An Emergency Service Worker Looking To Buy?


In this day and age, meeting the extensive lending criteria from credit providers in Australia can be tough, and this is only compounded if you work in certain industries that could be at times stressful, and paired with odd working hours and shifts.

However, recent changes to the policies means that it could be easier to get approved for a home loan if you work in our nation’s Emergency Services Sectors. 

So where do you start?

I have a created an Emergency Service Worker Buying Guide as a resource to help you better understand how you can secure finance, and how working with a broker like Cherry Lending + Finance can help make the process a smooth and enjoyable one. Click below to download.

Working with a mortgage broker makes it easy for you.

I have access to 30 lenders and know the in’s and out’s of what each one can offer. I’ll recommend the best home loan to suit your specific situation. If you were doing this yourself, you’d be spending a lot of time and not necessarily getting the best deal. And it’s not just the actual loan, it’s about getting guidance on the entire process, of planning and working out the best approach.

It’s never too early to give me a call and talk through your goals and plans. I’m here for the journey, getting to know you, working out some realistic goals and eventually helping you to secure the finance for your first home.

How does the process work?

It starts with a chat...

…getting to know you on a personal level and understanding your short and long-term goals. It’s never too early! It’s often best to start chatting a year before you plan to really make a purchase.

I’ll give you an action plan...

…to ensure you are ready, know what to expect and provide various options to consider like Rent-vesting or other ways to get into the market.

By doing this I can then determine the right lending solution for your situation and give you the confidence that you have made the right decision moving forward.

Start looking

Armed with your pre-approval, you can start looking at real-estate. I’m so passionate about this that I often volunteer my time to check out properties for my clients! I’m here to bounce options and ideas.

When you’re ready to secure the loan, I’ll do all the legwork for you so it all runs smoothly.

proactively review your loan

Every year, I will proactively review your loan and ensure it’s working for you. I’ll offer alternatives if there are better options. I’m also available any time to discuss changes in your situation or new plans.

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What our first home buyers say…

As much as this seemed like a daunting task initially, after consulting with Nikki she explained the whole process, answered all of our questions and put our minds at ease.

David and Jaymie

First home Buyers

 It was so refreshing to get help from someone who is obviously an expert in their field but doesn’t expect you to be too! She took the time to explain everything to us with patience & clarity.

Kate & Kendall

First home Buyers

Nikki made sure that I understood all of the details, conditions and requirements, which made the whole process much easier than going it alone.


First Home Owner

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